KDE Slimbook

The past couple of months an elite team of KDE contributors worked on a top-secret project. Today we finally announced it to the public.

The KDE Slimbook5_work

Together with the Spanish laptop retailer Slimbook we created our very first KDE laptop. It looks super slick and sports an ever so sexy KDE Slimbook logo on the back of the screen. It will initially come with KDE neon as operating system.


Naturally, as one of the neon developers, I was doing some software work to help this along. Last year already we switched to a more reliable graphics driver. Our installer got a face-lift to make it more visually appealing. The installer gained an actually working OEM installation mode. A hardware integration feature was added to our package pool to make sure the KDE Slimbook works perfectly out of the box.
The device looks and feels awesome. Plasma’s stellar look and feel complements it very well making for a perfect overall experience.

I am super excited and can’t wait for more people to get their hands on it, so we get closer to a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy, thanks to KDE.