Mountains, Multimedia, and Cheese

The last day of KDE’s Randa Sprint 2014 is almost over and boy am I exhausted.

The awesome multimedia crew processed some 220 bugs in Phonon, KMix and Amarok. We did a Phonon 4.8 beta release allowing Linux distributions to smoothly transit to a newer version of GStreamer. We started writing a new PulseAudio based volume control Plasma widget as well as a configuration module to allow feature richer and more reliable volume control on systems with PulseAudio available.

In the non-multimedia area I discussed my continuous packaging integration plans with people to work out a suitable workflow. Certain planned improvements to KDE’s CI process make me very confident that in the not too distant future distributions will be able piggyback onto KDE’s CI and create daily integration builds in their regular build environments.

Many great things await!

‘A Spaceship’ by Rohan Garg

Phonon Family 4.4.4

The Phonons are very proud to announce the immediate availability of a new minor release, bumping Phonon as well as the GStreamer, Xine and DirectShow backends to version 4.4.4. Also Phonon VLC is now available as 0.3.2.

by tarotastic@flickr

Everyone in the team put tremendous effort into this new release, focusing especially on improving reliability of the backends. But also a couple of new features entered GStreamer as I presented in my last blog post.

Even though these are only minor releases, they mark a new era, as from now on all Phonon backends can and will be released independently of the Phonon library itself. This enables us to bring bugfixes and new features quicker to distributors and user.

Last but not least we changed the default priorities of backends on Linux. To get the best experience you should now either use GStreamer or VLC. The former preferred choice Xine is as of now considered unmaintained and should not be used anymore.
Further more it is highly recommended to use Phonon in combination with PulseAudio as it improves user experience a lot and makes smarter choices about default output devices.

Get it while it is hot

I have been using 4.4.4 for quite some time now and I find it simply awesome 😀