Phonon 4.7.1, Phonon-GStreamer 4.7.1, Phonon-VLC 0.7.1 – Engage Stabilization!

The Phonominals are proud to present a whole new batch of releases for your favorite Qt based multimedia library.

This set of maintenance releases improves support for various platforms and ensures proper behavior with older backend versions. Head on over to the release pages to find out more.

Phonon VLC 0.5.0 and GStreamer 4.6.0

It is release day in Phonon land and the Phonominals are singing in joy of the new releases of Phonon VLC and Phonon GStreamer.

Phonon VLC 0.5.0 may be obtained from KDE’s servers as usual.

For more information on Phonon GStreamer 4.6.0 head on over to Trever’s amazing blog post.

by su-lin@flickr

Phonon VLC 0.5 is the most stable release yet to see the light of day!

Almost the entire code base was redone to be faster, more efficient, more maintainable and of course more reliable. Additionally this release introduces compatibility with the upcoming VLC 2.0 release as well as improved support for more advanced video features such as subtitle and audio channel selection.

Enjoy your multimedia!

Harald and the Phonominals.