Phonon’s New Awesome Website + Wallpaper

Phonon, the amazing multimedia abstraction layer for KDE and Qt software is growing younger by the day. How cool is that? Ladies and gentleman, I give you the all new

The new design was created by Tomasz Dudzik and made into code by Wojciech Ryrych. I would like to take the opportunity and thank both for their amazing work. Great job, guys! Also thanks to Ben Cooksley for helping with the transition on the sysadmin side of things 🙂

This stunning new site is not only gorgeous, but also highly efficient. Instead of having information for each target audience (user, developer, community) on the same site, rotting away for lack of maintenance, we are making once more use of the great KDE infrastructure. Everything is nicely “outsourced” to the respective KDE wikis where everyone can contribute to the knowledge and make the reading experiences all the better.
Over the next couple of days we will still tweak the site a bit, like a quick introduction to the awesomeness called Phonon is still missing.

I hope you like the site as much as I do.

Awesome Bonus

You like Phonon enough to want it on your wallpaper? No problem! Tomasz also took care of that (size is 2 MiB):

Phonon VLC 0.4.0

Following the mighty awesome releases of Phonon 4.5.0 and the Phonon GStreamer Backend 4.5.0 the Phonominals today present to you: the release of Phonon VLC 0.4.0

by saicachorro@flckr

What a release this is!

  • Local URLs are now more reliably encoded
  • The complete abstract stream reading code got redone
  • A new debug system is being introduced
  • The video widget display video on average 10 times faster
  • More reliability is achieved by preventing XLib threading problems
  • Subtitles embedded in MKV files work perfectly
  • Audio channel selection of video content works for Dragon Player
  • Video settings such as hue and contrast are applied reliably on resume in Dragon Player
  • And much more awesomness!

Leo Franchi, Tomahawk Developer, about Phonon VLC:

“Phonon VLC is awesome. It’s what you would get if you strap a pair of jet engines to a camel’s back.”

Download the all new jet engine camel now from KDE.

Happy multimedia 🙂

Introducing: Phonon 4.5.0

After 2 months of development the Phonons are proud to present Phonon 4.5.0, the new and incredibly awesome version of our multimedia abstraction library for Qt and KDE.

As usual it is available for download from KDE

by Christolakis@flickr

Phonon 4.5.0 comes with all new Zeitgeist support, which enables multimedia applications to let Zeitgeist log playback activity to further improve the semantic desktop capabilities of both the KDE Software Collection as well as GNOME. Also new is integration with Qt Designer, the Qt widget based design application, which will eventually enable developers to build a simple video player in about 30 seconds. The Phonon API now supports the DVD menu button. Support will soon emerge in the backends for this very useful feature.

On top of all this Phonon 4.5.0 received many smaller improvements to increase reliability of both Phonon itself as well as its backends. Stay tuned for the upcoming backend goodness.

We need your help: without downloading Phonon, this wave will never be a particle, OMG!