Introducing: Phonon 4.5.0

After 2 months of development the Phonons are proud to present Phonon 4.5.0, the new and incredibly awesome version of our multimedia abstraction library for Qt and KDE.

As usual it is available for download from KDE

by Christolakis@flickr

Phonon 4.5.0 comes with all new Zeitgeist support, which enables multimedia applications to let Zeitgeist log playback activity to further improve the semantic desktop capabilities of both the KDE Software Collection as well as GNOME. Also new is integration with Qt Designer, the Qt widget based design application, which will eventually enable developers to build a simple video player in about 30 seconds. The Phonon API now supports the DVD menu button. Support will soon emerge in the backends for this very useful feature.

On top of all this Phonon 4.5.0 received many smaller improvements to increase reliability of both Phonon itself as well as its backends. Stay tuned for the upcoming backend goodness.

We need your help: without downloading Phonon, this wave will never be a particle, OMG!

An Inconvenient Truth

Are you tired of having to install Ubuntu Tweak every time you install Ubuntu to get the window button alignment you want? Are you tired of having random stuff appended to your emails? Are you tired of having decision made behind your back?

Maybe it is time that you switch to Kubuntu.

Kubuntu does not only not append stuff to your emails, it also provides you with the means to change things that you do not like about the default setup. And should you care to improve the defaults for everyone, then you can do so by taking part in the decision-making process. For Kubuntu discusses important changes before they get implemented.

You like system tray icons? No problem, in Kubuntu you can have them if you want.

You like window buttons on the left and the right? The button alignment heaven is only 4 clicks away in Kubuntu.

You use a netbook? No problem, Kubuntu has the right interface for netbooks.

You want to develop superb software? Kubuntu provides you with the best frameworks and tools.

You are a professional photographer? On Kubuntu you can follow a terrific work flow.

You need a professional PIM solution? You can get that with Kubuntu. In the near future even with improved Kolab integration.

You are addicted to music? Kubuntu thinks there is no shame in that and gives you the tools to enjoy that addiction.

You are into science? Kubuntu provides you with some excellent tools that you will come to love if you do not already.

You want the latest versions of this awesome software? With Kubuntu you have a quality option to upgrade.

Fundamentally Kubuntu recognizes that everyone is different and there is no one best way to arrange a computer system for everyone and so it supports the idea of being adaptable to what works for you.