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KDE‘s Randa Meetings is quite possibly the best large-scale developer sprint ever. And you can help make it happen.

Imagine some 40 developers cramped together in a house in the middle of the Alps, living of code alone. Nothing could possibly go wrong….

Phonon, a pillar of our multimedia solutions, was revived in Randa. Kdenlive, our video editor, became 302% more awesome in Randa. The KDE Frameworks 5 movement seeking to make our awesome libraries more useful to all the world started in Randa. Amarok 2 was planned in Randa. Approximately a godzillion bugs were fixed in Randa.

Donate to the Randa Meetings 2014 now and get more free awesome! I personally have set my heart on making multimedia more awesome with easier APIs for developers and UPnP streaming support, also other stuff ( maybe a wallpaper that shows kittens wearing hats? #kdekittenhat)

Phonon VLC 0.4.1 – The Rise of Legacy Media

The Phonominals are proud to present Phonon VLC 0.4.1.

Now available on a KDE FTP mirror near you.

This thrilling new release of the VLC backend for Phonon features vastly improved subtitle loading, support for it, s3m and xm, as well as greater stability in case of a broken libvlc  installation.

But above all it enables audio CD playback in Amarok. Yes. We also care about legacy media ;). With latest Amarok and Phonon VLC 0.4.1 you are finally able to play audio CDs properly. Of course this improvement is not limited to Amarok, but available to every application that uses Phonon, thanks to the wonderful architecture of Phonon.

by xcode@flickr

Amarok’s Myriam Schweingruber said the following about this wonderful new release:

you people rock and really help us improve the user experience!

VideoLan’s Jean-Baptiste Kempf added:

 pVLC will rock your audiophile poney!

Have fun with Phonon VLC 0.4.1!