It didn’t get any better

Back at home (finally). I had to spend 7 hours at the Airport in Salzburg (that city with Mozart and classical music entertainment stuff) because I was far too drunk to drive home. Of course I didn’t just drink coffee and hack on neon+kde… because one doesn’t get much sleep @ LinuxTag, I decided to catch up on that: after sleeping on the table and in a bathtub, I ended LinuxTag 2008 with a quite long nap at the Airport, in the parking garage, in my car 😀

Anyway. It was an awesome event, again!

In more interesting news ;-):

  • Neon KDE nightly packages for Kubuntu are building right now (i.e. heading fast towards publishing)
  • I hacked a bit on the openSUSE Build Service integration which is next on the todo
  • Apparently I became MOTU Mentor (I really have no clue how this happened)
  • Amarok 2 is pretty much like Nokia – connecting people
  • Karaoke is fun

Late night hacking and finding a bed

I love LinuxTag!

Stephan already blogged about how I was sleeping on the table.
So, here comes the background story:
After hours of hard work on Project Neon, an Amarok project to create nightly binaries of the latest Amarok version (I was sorting out some underlying issues in the base components in preperation for the openSUSE build service integration) , and as I was somewhat tired and it also was quite late in the night (or rather early in the morning) I choose to go to bed, though one shouldn’t call that ‘go’, anyway, I didn’t find one within the critical 10 seconds and chose the next best option: table + chair + me in between (I better don’t tell you about the bathtub 😉

My head is telling me that I got too much beer, so please excuse any spelling/grammar errors.
*looking for something to drink*

READ ME – P A R T Y!!!!

It’s that time of April again, Ubuntu/Kubuntu released the all new shiny versions of their distributions. This time the releaes is called Hardy Heron *woohooo*

So, what do we do when a new version is out?
Right, party!
Join the Halligalli Hummel Party(tm) in #kubuntu-devel and celebrate the latest Kubuntu release with us on 24-04-2008 @ 16UTC. Of course as party guest you should use the official party wallpaper -> this svg or png

Make sure not to miss the grand party kickoff!
We also have our own bar and a radio show, sponsored by Amarok, (maybe ;-))

In case you just want to have some information about the release, head over to

Finally: spread the word by bloging, twittering, talking, giving calls etc