UDS App for MeeGo and Symbian

Are you attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit? Maybe you want to try the UDS app then 😉

Some time ago I started writing a mobile UDS app to manage UDS affairs on my mobile phone. Being a Qt fanboy and owning multiple phones with Qt the choice of toolkit was rather obvious. And oh boy is it awesome.

Right now there are stable versions for Meego 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9 and N950) as well as Symbian^3 (basically every Nokia Symbian device after the N8). Additionally there is a working prototype for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) as well as platform UI code for Android >= 1.6.

Get it while it is hot! From the Nokia Store (for the N9) or here (for Symbian^3).

If you want to help with the Desktop/Maemo5/Android UI please poke me on IRC or drop me a mail.

The code is available at projects.developer.nokia.com.

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Dragon Player 3

Only a few minutes ago Ian Monroe, the creator of Dragon Player, announced at the Desktop Summit in Berlin that there will be a Dragon Player 3.

In 2004 a new video player named Codeine was presented by former Amarok rockstar Max Howell, later adopted by Ian and turned into Dragon Player 2, which has served the KDE workspace as default video player for almost 4 years now.

Today the KDE Multimedia community is proud to announce the next evolutionary stage of this simple but powerful player.

Dragon Player 3 is being created using the latest terrific technologies: Phonon’s currently evolving support for QML/Qt Quick and Qt Quick itself. The combination of these technologies allows for rapid creation of awesome looking graphical applications for media playback.

The estimated feature set of Dragon Player 3 is definitely something to long for.

  • As simple and easy to use as its predecessor
  • All the features of its predecessor
  • Smooth animations on startup
  • A more visual and more usable recently viewed display
  • On playback start both Video and Audio fade in, on stop they fade out
  • A revolutionary approach that will make it tons easier to watch a series of videos (yet to be unveiled ;))

Dragon Player 3 will earliest arrive with the KDE workspace 4.8 release, though 4.9 seems more likely.

The current development version of Dragon Player 3 is available in my scratch repository on git.kde.org. It depends on the qml branches of both Phonon and Phonon GStreamer as well as the Qt Quick Desktop Components.

Phonon VLC 0.4.1 – The Rise of Legacy Media

The Phonominals are proud to present Phonon VLC 0.4.1.

Now available on a KDE FTP mirror near you.

This thrilling new release of the VLC backend for Phonon features vastly improved subtitle loading, support for it, s3m and xm, as well as greater stability in case of a broken libvlc  installation.

But above all it enables audio CD playback in Amarok. Yes. We also care about legacy media ;). With latest Amarok and Phonon VLC 0.4.1 you are finally able to play audio CDs properly. Of course this improvement is not limited to Amarok, but available to every application that uses Phonon, thanks to the wonderful architecture of Phonon.

by xcode@flickr

Amarok’s Myriam Schweingruber said the following about this wonderful new release:

you people rock and really help us improve the user experience!

VideoLan’s Jean-Baptiste Kempf added:

 pVLC will rock your audiophile poney!

Have fun with Phonon VLC 0.4.1!