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Phonon 4.7.0, Phonon-GStreamer 4.7.0, Phonon-VLC 0.7.0 – Now With Qt5 Inside

The Phonons are proud to present a whole new batch of releases.

To find out more about the exicting introduction of Qt5 support,
enhanced subtitle control and the vastly more reliable backends head
on over to the new wiki powered release pages.

Phonon VLC 0.6.2

With a bit of delay the Phonominals today released the second maintenance release for the Phonon VLC backend 0.6. It features overall improvements to efficiency and behavior.

Download from KDE


  • Major reduction of power and CPU consumption
  • Correct HTTP user-agent identification
  • Fixed a seek regression introduced in 0.6.1
  • A vlc-style config can be supplied at $HOME/.config/Phonon/vlc.conf to configure VLC’s behavior

Enjoy your multimedia!