Fluffy @ LinuxTag

For everyone who is going to be at LinuxTag in Berlin tomorrow. Frederik is giving a talk on Fluffy, you really want to check this out. Also make sure to stop by at the the booths starting with K ๐Ÿ™‚

Further reading on LinuxTag matters are available on the Fluffy website.

Paul Adams is also fluffying up for Alpha1!

In related news:

  • We are now also Fluffy on freenode: come visit us in #fluffy
  • Arrival of alpha 1 is very close (if you want to test the alpha1 candidate, poke me on IRC)
  • Work on a website has started, checkout http://fluffy.jussi01.com/ (thanks to Jussi for hosting)
  • More than 100 people like us on Facebook

โ™ฅ Stay Fluffy โ™ฅ


A Linux distribution made out of fluff, bunnies, unicorns and awesome.

First Tour


It all started out with Parley. We justed wanted to test the amazing theming capabilities in the upcoming 4.5 release of Parley, and eventually we ended up doing a whole distribution ๐Ÿ™‚ Parley is a wonderful application that helps you learn all those beautiful languages out there using a flash card approach and an incredibly magnificant grading technique, so that you always know where you stand. Our Fluffy Bunny theme will also be part of the regular Parley release. So also users of other distributions will be able to enjoy our work.


Fluffy will by default come with some of the best games the KDE software collection has to offer. For KBlocks, one of these incredibly entertaining KDE Games, there already happened to be a theme which fits our overall branding right away. KBlocks and its Pink Bunny theme will be part of the Fluffy default installation, in case one already learned all languages on this planet using Parley.


Kopete is the chat application that millions of users use to stay in touch. We acknowledge this fact and also work hard on bringing more fluffyness to Kopete. What is especially awesome about the theme version you see above, is that the background was contributed by one of our first fans – it will also be available as full feature version as desktop wallpaper.


There are a lot of web browsers available for the user to choose from. Also in the area of KDE software there is more than one. One of the currently uprising new browsers is called Rekonq and it also got a fair share of fluff.

Whether Rekonq will be the default browser on Fluffy is not yet decided, but those that wish to use it, advanced fluffyness will be available.


Years ago Florian Schepper created one of the first Plasma themes. It was called Fluffy Bunny. What Florian did not know back then was that Fluffy Bunny would become one of the all time favorite themes among users and developers of the KDE software compilation. Unfortunately over time Plasma became greatly incompatible with the theme and fans were denied the possibility to use this most unique piece of art.

Now Fluffy Bunny will be reinvented for the Fluffy Linux distribution!

Installation CD

Fluffy will be based on the magnificant Kubuntu operating system. The famous, but unfortunately now deserted Hannah Montana Linux also used Kubuntu as a base. We are currently working on some minor disturbances, so that soon you will be able to run an early alpha version of Fluffy already.


Fluffy will introduce Linux and the idea of Free/Libre Open Source Software to everyone who enjoys a pink, fluffy and good looking desktop. Fluffy is not about writing letters or doing one’s taxes, Fluffy is about enjoying Linux and KDE software in the best way possible. It replaces a boring computer with a world of wonders and imagination, where everything seems to be alive and an amazing graphical experience is waiting around every corner.
A world of unicorns and bunnies and fluffyness.


If you wish to follow the progresss of Fluffy you can follow us on Identi.ca and if you are on Facebook you might as well like Fluffy over there.

โ™ฅ Stay Fluffy โ™ฅ

KDE MM + Edu Sprint 2010 in XRandr

And what a sprint that was!

To only mention some of the highlights:

Now for the exhausting details… ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Wednesday 19 May I left for one of the most awesome trips ever. Destination was Randa, somewhere in the .ch alps (Marble can show you). After a night without sleep in a very crowded and stuffy train compartment with 5 rather sleepy Hungarian dudes ย I arrived in Zurich (which also happens to be somewhere in .ch I have been told) where I met emonkey (from the german Kubuntu team) and had loads of coffee, until I finally departed to Randa itself. Now let me tell you one thing: if you want to see .ch properly, go through it by train. On a day with good weather it is pure awesome.

At some point I actually arrived in Randa and guess what … no Internet!!! OMG!!! … so while we were waiting for supper we did a bit of socalizing outside – community bonding one might say. The rest of the evening I spent worring about how we did not have a schedule and how some people failed to come up with one. The next morning we still didnt have one, so I came up with one which promptly got overpopulated with sessions. Having that tight a schedule I was sort of running around taking part in the most interesting sessions ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have learned about QML, Pulse, distribution problems, Marble’s awesomeness and a lot more…

As a Kubuntu dev ย I fortunately ย think that I was able to get rid of some myths about Kubuntu and Canonical and Ubuntu. Also we took a look at a proposal from Canonical regarding a central point of management for audio related activites (including volume and music player controls). Resulting from our discussion we already started discussion on how to implement this in a KDE software context.

Additionally Frederik and I started working on a new Linux distribution, called Fluffy. I highly recommend that you like it on Facebook until Ian comes up with a MySpace page for us. Clearly we are going pink and fluffy with it (hence the name). It originated from our desire for a working fluffy bunny Plasma theme, and the fact that I created a Parley theme out of the fluffy sources I had lying around. Fluffy is in a pretty awesome state already and if I knew what distribution to use as a base we would already have released an alpha, therefore I would very much appreciate input on what distribution to use ๐Ÿ™‚

It was one awesome sprint, with awesome people, loads of discussion, loads of fun and apachelogger. Can’t wait to see everyone again!