Plasma 5 Weekly ISO Revisited

I am proud to announce that Plasma 5 weekly ISOs have returned today.

Grab today’s ISO while it is hot. And don’t forget to report the bugs you might notice.

Plasma 5 weekly ISOs bring you the latest and greatest Plasma right from the tip of development.

As some of you might have noticed the previous Plasma 5 weekly ISOs stopped updating a while ago. This was because we at Blue Systems were migrating to new system for distribution level integration. More on this to follow soon. Until then you’ll have to believe me that it is 300% more awesome 🙂

4 thoughts on “Plasma 5 Weekly ISO Revisited

    • Not really, the promise of that PPA cannot be met anymore. The weekly human testing was a result of the weekly ISO testing. The ISO is now rolled from a different PPA, so the testing is no longer available and we have no real way of knowing whether a given snapshot “works”. Best I could do is make it equal to daily and have consistent builds land there, though to be honest you might as well use the landing PPA directly

      It works well enough 😉

      Random note: neon kf5 PPAs are all going away at some point as the new better thing I was hinting at is going to replace them in Kubuntu 14.10

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