Divisive Leadership

Mark says that Jonathan is being a divisive leader.

So, Mark, let us take a step back and look at what actually happened.

Kubuntu has always taken pride in being the link between the Ubuntu and KDE communities, and looking out for each’s best interest in order to facilitate the creation of exciting and revolutionary free software products.┬áJonathan personally has been a great advocate of the Ubuntu way even at times when KDE did not find it appealing; right now appears to be such a time.

Recently members of the Ubuntu community raised concerns about the path we are on as a project and Ubuntu Desktop as a product that Canonical has a great interest in. Not because they were being melodramatic, or because they disagreed, but because presenting divisive software after 8 months of development as a new key part of the software stack is nothing more than infantilizing the community.  Jonathan as a result suggested to join a different part of the Ubuntu project rather than leaving altogether.

You may think that KDE and other upstreams failed to deliver what is necessary to succeed in taking down the proprietary operating systems, however that does not make it true. Our colleagues creating flavors of the Ubuntu base, as well as the Kubuntu team, are part of the broader Ubuntu project, we are part of the Ubuntu community and we all share the common goal of bringing free software to all the people. Suggesting that only the Ubuntu products Canonical holds a stake in are part of the broader Ubuntu project is outright insulting to all the great community members pouring their passion into a flavor of the Ubuntu vision. Perhaps you think that what we do does not matter, but I say it does.