Phonon VLC 0.5.0 and GStreamer 4.6.0

It is release day in Phonon land and the Phonominals are singing in joy of the new releases of Phonon VLC and Phonon GStreamer.

Phonon VLC 0.5.0 may be obtained from KDE’s servers as usual.

For more information on Phonon GStreamer 4.6.0 head on over to Trever’s amazing blog post.

by su-lin@flickr

Phonon VLC 0.5 is the most stable release yet to see the light of day!

Almost the entire code base was redone to be faster, more efficient, more maintainable and of course more reliable. Additionally this release introduces compatibility with the upcoming VLC 2.0 release as well as improved support for more advanced video features such as subtitle and audio channel selection.

Enjoy your multimedia!

Harald and the Phonominals.

34 thoughts on “Phonon VLC 0.5.0 and GStreamer 4.6.0

  1. I have installed kde 4.8, and also VLC 2. Now I have problems with sound. Only solution I have found so far is to delet .pulse folder (every time I log on). I have tried Vlc as backand but that did not solve the problem.

    Anyway great work.

  2. This does sound exciting!!! But before I get TOO excited, can I alter the playback speed? and stop/pause on the final frame?

      • That is a real shame… VLC itself supports these features, so why not Phonon? I’ll just have to continue with the pyqt bindings for vlc… :- {

          • It sounds pretty self explanatory to me. Slow motion and a video that does not disappear when it reaches the end.

          • Those are uses, not use cases 😛

            Also FWIW, speed manipulation is not covered in libvlc AFAIK, so that is pretty much non-trivial to archive without setting media options which are not exactly very runtime friendly.

          • Not sure if this is a ‘use-case’ or simply a ‘use’, but in my case I am specifically dealing with videos of sign language. A user may be viewing a video at full speed, but may wish to slow down the playback speed to better view a particular handshape, for example. I’m already doing this with vlc (not sure how until I recheck my code); just wondering if there was any good reason to try phonon-vlc again.

          • That is a use case, a jolly good one, not sure if Phonon should support it though (as it is rather specific – it cannot be applied to a great many applications). I’ll bring it up for discussion, perhaps we’ll include it. Thanks 🙂

  3. The QML support is not implemented in phonon 4.6 and its backends. There is a experimental branch which needs testing and a lot of works. Perhaps the support is coming for the next release… 🙂

  4. I get no video when using phonon-vlc backend. The sound is working good, also the stand-alone VLC player. What could be the problem?

    [0xab477dc4] main video output error: video output creation failed
    [0xada4a8bc] main decoder error: failed to create video output
    [0xab48023c] main video output error: video output creation failed
    [0xada4a8bc] main decoder error: failed to create video output

  5. Is there a Windows build available? The current Windows version of Amarok still can’t play flac with the current phonon-vlc 😦

  6. I tried to get this to build on Windows with Qt 4.8.1 installed but I’m getting the following configuration error saying that it’s not able to find PhononConfig.cmake or phonon-config.cmake. Do I really have to separately build phonon in addition to the phonon I already have installed via Qt?

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