GSoC: Phonon and QML

This summer the Phonominals have something particularly awesome for you in store: native QML elements.

Phonon is the multimedia abstraction layer for Qt brought to you by the KDE community. QML is the new and cool way to create snazzy computer applications with Qt.

Through Google Summer of CodeI will be working on bringing these two great technologies closer together.

Why is this good you ask? Well….

  • QML allows for more designer involved computer application development -> better designed user interfaces
  • QML gives more freedom with regards to what the user interface can look like -> more engaging and natural interfaces
  • Phonon allows for rapid creation of media applications -> more time for actual features

In conclusion: Phonon and QML together will bring us better designed, better looking and feature rich media applications such as video players. Of course it also allows non-media centered applications to easily emit audio or video.

Finally, if you are a developer you might want to look at this code sample, which might very well be how one will use Phonon in QML.

import Qt 4.7
import Phonon 1.0

Media {
    source: "video.webm"

    Audio {
        volume: 5

    Video {
        width: 320
        height: 240

10 thoughts on “GSoC: Phonon and QML

  1. Wondering if Nokia might not like you take over the “Media” name and you might want to use “PhononMedia” instead?

  2. How well does the video widget work in the scene graph? I remember we had issues embedding a video widget in a QGraphicsView. If we’ve overcome this issue, I’m doubly excited!!

    • It is not a videowidget, internally it currently uses the experimental VideoDataOutput, but that is about to change. I’ll blog some more technical detail in the next couple of days though, so just stay tuned ^^

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