Kubuntu Council? What is this?

The Kubuntu council is the governing board of the Kubuntu community and responsible for steering the Kubuntu products. Therefore its primary responsibilities include evaluation of new Kubuntu members and evaluation of Kubuntu development blueprints (based on recommendations from the Kubuntu developers). It consists of 6 members elected by the community.

Every year the Kubuntu community gets to elect 3 new members for the Kubuntu council. This means that there are always 3 council members that know the drill and 3 that might be new to the whole council business.

The process to get elected is actually rather simple:

  1. Election gets announced on kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com
  2. Nomination
    1. Nominate yourself by sending a mail to kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com
    2. Someone else nominates you by sending the mail, in which case an existing council member will ask you to confirm the nomination
  3. Poll: Every Kubuntu member gets to rate the nominated members according to preference of them holding a seat on the council
  4. Be on council and help make awesome things happen

Requirements for nomination:

  1. Nominee needs to be Kubuntu member
    1. Person bringing in the nomination does not need to be Kubuntu member

Currently all seats are held by developers, something we need to change as David Wonderly and Scott Kitterman point out. If you are Kubuntu member you should think about applying (even if you are developer ;)).

If you are not yet Kubuntu member, maybe you should think about becoming one to start shaping the future of the Kubuntu project next year, when the next elections are 🙂


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