Phonon To Break Git History

Phonon is currently preparing to move its repositories from Gitorious to Unfortunately we noticed that our current main Phonon repository suffers from some metadata problems.

Due to this unfortunate situation we will have to rewrite the affected part of the Git history to comply with modern Git version’s strictness. This bares certain implications if you happen to have a clone of this repository, since it will essentially break your clone’s references to the original repository.

Therefore we decided to give you a 2 weeks grace period, so you can take preliminary measures.

Some time after December 20, history will be rewritten.

If you have changes for Phonon, please make sure to get them into the repository before that date.

Please also pass this information on to any interested parties as to prevent confusion.

I’ll post more information on the move to once the time has come. The Gitorious repository will also be rewritten and remain read-only once the move is done.

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