Kubuntu Web Shortcuts

In this post I would like to put the spotlight on a very nice Kubuntu feature that will help you a great deal if you regularly work with Ubuntu project services (such as the wiki) or Launchpad.

Kubuntu has this very nice package called kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts. While I actually would like to have that renamed to something more suitable, I (or rather my minion ;)) did not yet get to rename it. Anyhow…

The shortcuts package was started in 2005 and is a collection of KDE web shortcuts related to Kubuntu and the Ubuntu project. Web shortcuts are one of the most used KDE features on my system. It allows you to enter things like “gg:kubuntu” in your browser’s URL bar to do a Google search on Kubuntu, or “kde:krecentdocuments” to lookup KDE API documentation. The nice thing about this is that it works in both Konqueror and Rekonq, as well as KickOff (the application menu) and KRunner (the thing that appears when you press ALT+F2 – actually it only works here if you have activated the shortcut explicitly in either System Settings or the settings of one of the browsers).  Suffice to say those shortcuts are quite efficient when you keep finding yourself doing searches on different sites multiple times a day.

What I probably like best about it, is that those shortcuts are not necessarily bound to a search box (as has long been the case with some popular browser out there – that said, if you use KRunner or KickOff and have a different browser set it will also work ;)). So you can swiftly do ‘CTRL+T => gg:Harald Sitter => CTRL+T => gg:John Cleese’ to find out that apparently I am not as internet famous as John Cleese. Surprise.

KDE SC already comes with a vast amount of common shortcuts for just about everything one needs, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, various news sites… Back in 2005 Stephan Hermann thought that it also made sense to use this goodness for Ubuntu developers and Launchpad users. The Kubuntu web shortcuts were born.

With an Ubuntu focus you can currently use the following shortcuts:

  • idea:kde
    To search on brainstorm.ubuntu.com for ideas with the keyword kde
  • ubw:HaraldSitter
    To directly access my Ubuntu wiki page
  • ubws:Kubuntu
    To search for Kubuntu pages on the Ubuntu wiki
  • uhelp:BinaryDriverHowto
    To directly access the binary driver howto on help.ubuntu.com
  • uhelps:MP3
    To search for MP3 pages on help.ubuntu.com
  • uman:screen
    To search for manpages named screen on manpages.ubuntu.com (this will only work on Kubuntu 11.04+)
  • upkg:kde-l10n
    To search packags.ubuntu.com
  • kpackagecode:kdelibs
    Goes to the Kubuntu source branch of a KDE core component

With a Launchpad focus we have:

  • ubug:37657
    Go to a bug on Launchpad, or search if the bug is not existing
  • lpbugproject:amarok
    Goes to the product’s bug page
  • usrc:amarok
    Goes to the source package page of Amarok in Ubuntu
  • lpuser:smarter
    Directly go to a user’s page on Launchpad
  • upeople:smarter
    Search for people on  Launchpad
  • lpcve:1245
    Searches for a CVE report on Launchpad
  • lpblueprint:rocks
    Search for a blueprint on Launchpad

So there are plenty of useful things for everyone who works with Launchpad/Ubuntu regularly. I can honestly say, without those shortcuts I would be only half as efficient. In fact, when I am developing I probably only browse using shortcuts.

They are so incredibly amazing – give them a try! 🙂

Stay friendly 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kubuntu Web Shortcuts

  1. Web shortcuts are awesome! I only wish they had Scroogle in there, so I didn’t have to keep digging up the url for it and recreating the shortcut each time I do a clean install. Yeah, I should write it down myself, but hey, I’m lazy like that. 🙂

  2. A small tip: The development version of KDE’s IRC client Konversation recently gained support for KDE’s web shortcuts as well, making it possible to hand selected text to a web shortcut by way of the context menu. A demo:


    This would of course also work with Harald’s Kubuntu-themed web shortcuts and will be included in the upcoming new Konversation release.

  3. Nice article. I use web shortcuts in KDE all the time but whenever I’ve tried to explain it to people, few have immediately figured how to use them effectively let alone create them. I find it saves much time and typing if you know the shortcuts well.

    I have thought about distro specific shortcuts for a while and seeing this article has made me think of starting a mini project for Gentoo specific shortcuts. I suppose like me and from this article, everyone has their own shortcuts they use or have created over time, maybe this should be a more prominent feature to contribute to, like in get hot new stuff or something? I don’t know, just thinking out loud here. 🙂

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