Kubuntu Presentation Template

A couple of days ago I noticed that there is no good looking presentation template out there for Kubuntu…

Today the Kubuntu Art and Design Department (namely Tomasz Dudzik) is proud to release a truely amazing template for Kubuntu related presentations.

The open document presentation template file (as supported by KOffice as well as OpenOffice/LibreOffice) features four incredibly good looking master slides, two options for head slides and two options for regular content slides.
All four of them are blueish, decent and generally just superb, much like Kubuntu itself.

You can find an OTP file as well as the demo presentations Alpha and Beta here.

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4 thoughts on “Kubuntu Presentation Template

  1. The template does really look good. And thank you very much for thinking of KOffice compatibility when doing this. In the future we hope to make this unnecessary by being perfectly compatible. 🙂

  2. Thank you, nice job !
    I like the template very much, and I do like the fact that you think about KOffice too. The open way is the good one !

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