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As I recently discovered has a pretty neat sharing service support. It essentially adds a bunch of social network links to the bottom of your pages. Which makes a lot of sense, because every content provider (e.g. a blogger) would like their content to be spread to the world and what better way to archive this than by giving the user the means to easily share something they like or find interesting.

One problem though. Since I am a free software advocate and suppose that you, my readers, are too, I prefer (which is using a free software microblogging software) over Twitter. Yet does not have a share button for…

What a shame! A fixable one though, as one can add own services.

How to do that:

  1. Get a 16×16 version of the icon. I personally like the one used in Gwibber (in lack of an Oxygen icon ;))
  2. Go to Media → Add New
  3. Upload the icon and note its URL
  4. Go to Settings → Sharing
  5. Click on ‘Add a new service’
  6. Enter ‘’ as service name
  7. As sharing URL use the following
  8. Add the URL of your icon from 3.
  9. Click on ‘Create Share’
  10. Now simply drag it to your shares and you are done.

Have fun 🙂

17 thoughts on “ and Sharing Service

  1. By “for some reason adding a title will eat a whitespace” you mean you had trouble separating the title from the URL?
    If so, I did it with %20 like this:


  2. I’m using Sociable add-on which provides a *lot* services out of the box. (including FSDaily,, ./, digg…)

    p.s. I didn’t even know WP had sharing built-in. 🙂

  3. Hi apachelogger!

    Thank for your description! Awesome! Amazing! (sorry, my english is inadequately)!

    Greetings from Germany 🙂


  4. I created my profile right now and this was my first question: How to add button on WordPress.

    Thank you for your tip!

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