Qt Creator CMake Wizards

Qt Creator allows for easily adding new project wizards to its project selection dialog (the thing one uses to create for example a new Qt GUI application project).

Now since I am not very fond of the default Qt build system qmake and a quick search for CMake wizards did not yield any results, I just created exactly those: download here

In particular the tar currently contains a wizard for QCoreApps and a QGui (both heavily inspired from the bundled qmake versions). Creating wizards is very easy, so if someone wants to give creating KDE wizards a try… 😉

7 thoughts on “Qt Creator CMake Wizards

  1. About the system tray, the new monochrome icons are really sad. There should be an easy way to go back to the nice and colorful ones!

  2. Thank you for the wizards. A couple of things:

    – In cmake-qt/CMakeLists.txt, “find_package(Qt4 REQUIRED)” should be “find_package(Qt4 COMPONENTS QtCore REQUIRED)” for the console application so that CMake does not look for QtGui.

    – Instead of QT_WHATEVER_LIBRARY, can we get QT_QTCORE_LIBRARIES so that it links to the debug libraries if compiling in debug mode, and to the release library if compiling in release mode?

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