Fluffy @ LinuxTag

For everyone who is going to be at LinuxTag in Berlin tomorrow. Frederik is giving a talk on Fluffy, you really want to check this out. Also make sure to stop by at the the booths starting with K 🙂

Further reading on LinuxTag matters are available on the Fluffy website.

Paul Adams is also fluffying up for Alpha1!

In related news:

  • We are now also Fluffy on freenode: come visit us in #fluffy
  • Arrival of alpha 1 is very close (if you want to test the alpha1 candidate, poke me on IRC)
  • Work on a website has started, checkout http://fluffy.jussi01.com/ (thanks to Jussi for hosting)
  • More than 100 people like us on Facebook

♥ Stay Fluffy ♥

3 thoughts on “Fluffy @ LinuxTag

  1. What really is missing about the whole fluffy stuff is a fluffy window decoration. I only did see a fluffy plasma theme. Or does there exist a fluffy win deco?

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