Parley gone Fluffy

Beware that the following video might be too fluffy for some people.

[Theora Version]


6 thoughts on “Parley gone Fluffy

  1. hello.

    that’s nice. realy good for kids.

    But I have one recommendation. It is very difficult to read the words. Is it also possible to change the font type, size, and background?

    I will look after fluffy

  2. Hm.

    That is a very good idea indeed, I wonder why we did not think about it before. Cheers!
    Although, I must mention that we thought the font color look rather nice, but I have been asking around a bit, and it seems that it is not as nice as we initially thought.

    I’ll take care that we resolve this issue tonight, or tomorrow morning, or right now. Stay tuned for the next screencast, where we will also present advanced fluffyness in all of KDE. We actually have a 4 hour meeting about this scheduled this evening.

    Greetings from the land of cheese (.ch),

  3. I think Harald and Frederik should start a KDE podcast. You have an amazing chemistry together and it would make a great counterpoint to all these podcasts in american english. Maybe get some brewery to sponsor it…

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