How to Install a Script for Amarok

As requested on my earlier blog post here is a guide on how to install scripts in Amarok:

[OGV version]

Written version:

  • Start Amarok
  • In the menu bar select the Tools menu and there the Script Manager entry
  • Click the Get More Scripts button towards the bottom of the dialog
  • Install some script
  • Quit Amarok
  • Start Amarok again
  • (some scripts you will have to activate in the script manager afterwards)

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “How to Install a Script for Amarok

  1. Hey thanks for your post, it was quite useful. It’s hard finding good tutorials for Kubuntu (actually, Google most times asks you “Did you mean: ubuntu), so articles like yours are very welcome, and hopefully Kubuntu users will enjoy more of them.

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