UDS for Amarok

You are remote attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit?
You are using Amarok?

Then it is time to get the Amarok UDS script!

…as recently published on KDE-Apps.

It adds a UDS section to Amarok’s Internet section, so you can quickly access the audio streams for UDS from within Amarok.

For everyone who cares, the code is available on Launchpad it is written in QtScript and a static text file that lists streams. Fortunately enough it supports 2 markups:

  2. NAME

The URL will be autocomposed using the hardcoded prefix (http://icecast.ubuntu.com:8000/) . For the latter markup the playlist file will be built out of the lower case name + spaces replaced with _ + .ogg.xspf.

Have a good UDS everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “UDS for Amarok

  1. @Eric

    Don’t download the stuff. We get it out of the Amarok script repos.

    Start Amarok
    Tools menu -> Script Manager
    Click in the dialog box “Get more scripts”
    Scroll down a while and find “Ubuntu Developer Summit.
    Click the right install button and close
    Enable UDF plugin
    Restart Amarok totally.

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