Ubuntu One KDE Tech Preview

As all my dear groupies probably have noticed, I started working on getting Ubuntu One a KDE frontend.

First results are now available as a tech preview.

The Ubuntu One KDE client is a small application that lives in your system tray (the thing next to your clock). It notifies you when a new transfers from or to the Ubuntu One server have been started and when they are finished.
Additionally it will show up whenever there is a problem with the connection.

You can get an impression of what it does from the two prototype sceencasts

What can you expect from this preview?
Crashes, startup failures and missing functionallity, as to be expected from a tech preview.
Please note that this preview is directly based of a prototype, so the internals are most likely to change a lot.
Still here?
You can get the client from a special PPA. Just add the source lines and install ubuntuone-client-kde. Before you do anything you need to run the GNOME client (ubuntuone-client-applet) at least once to obtain authentication from the Ubuntu One server, then you can just quit the GNOME client and start the KDE one (you need to start it with –nofork or it will not work).
I have also create a screencast showing all that.
Once authentication is implemented an the client works properly I’ll take a look into implementing Dolphin integration (most likely via a kio slave, due to lack of other options). Meanwhile the Desktop CouchDB Akonadi resources get finsihed. So we will hopefully have meaningful integration into the KDE Platform by the time Kubuntu 10.04 LTS gets released.
Interesting times lie ahead!

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu One KDE Tech Preview

  1. Has there been any work on this recently? I’m looking for a sensible solution to sync akonadi contacts and important documents to some space out there in the cloud (I can’t afford my own root server, unfortunately 🙂 )

    • No, I stopped working on this due to time limitations.

      There is however reason to believe that the project will be picked up as part of the Google summer of code, granted there is a good enough proposal and it gets accepted of course 🙂

    • So is the work on it in progress?
      Looking at the screencasts it looks impressive. I’d like to have Dolphin, Folder view and maybe filesystem mount options for any cloud project like Ubuntu One in Kubuntu sometime so it could be used like native filesystems.
      Good to know that there are people who care about Kubuntu and port Ubuntu technologies to Kubuntu, too.
      Thanks and good luck.

  2. Hallo Apache,

    bewegt sich da noch etwas?
    Hat Canonical kein Interesse daran, das auch auf KDE zu portieren?

    Danke für die Antwort

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