Kubuntu’s Project Timelord

After some initial discussion, Kubuntu now officially announced Project Timelord \o/

Four years ago I started contributing to Kubuntu. So, it only took me like half a decade to get started on fixing it to become super awesome 😛

A couple of weeks ago, I paired up with some other Kubuntu developers in order to review where we stand and where we should be. This lead to the creation of Project Timelord.

Project Timelord’s primary objective is to make Kubuntu leave the old baggage behind and do a progressive restart. A reincarnation if you will. For one month the Timelords have been drafting up a paper describing major flaws within Kubuntu, the product and the project, and trying to find solutions.

Each of those flaws will be addressed over the course of Project Timelord. Some issues will require serious discuission, some will require a lot of work. I am not going palliate it, it’s going to be dirty, exhausting and difficult at times. Yet, properly executed, Project Timelord will make Kubuntu even better than it is right now.

The journey ahead will sure be an exciting one, for the users as well as the developers.
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I am the Doctor, and I love KDE and Kubuntu alike 🙂


3 thoughts on “Kubuntu’s Project Timelord

  1. Is there any plan to develop a Kubuntu visual identity akin to what has been announced on Ubuntu/Gnome ?

    I remember that Kubuntu’s current direction was more akin to getting back to “pure KDE”.

    But on the various anoucements on rebranding I have read that “Kubuntu” was also involved. So anything special in preparation ?

  2. Kubuntu does share a visual identity with KDE, that has nothing to do with Kubuntu being an independent brand though 😉

    There is going to be a change in branding, but it is not going to change KDE’s excellent artwork.

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