Code swarms: Kubuntu; QuasselVsKonversation; AmarokVsBanshee;

Boredom is your friend.

Over the course of this weekend I created 3 code swarm videos. Code swarms are not particularly useful (though interesting, thus I will highlight some of those interesting things below), but in any case good looking, a bit like Star Wars 😉

Note: to see the videos, please direct your browser to the blog post directly.

Of all three videos this one is probably the least useful one 😛 Since the recently introduced bzr branches for Ubuntu packages are incredibly fat (the Amarok one is >500MiB) and since I got commits only to show up as done by James (are those imports really done through his account?), I had to use the raw packaging branches of Kubuntu. This has 2 downsides. For one up until end of 2008 there were only 2 branches (most importantly kubuntu-default-settings) and for another Jonathan Riddell did not setup his bzr properly so he shows up with at least 3 different nicks 😉

Despite the disadvantages one thing becomes very apparent. The amount of contributors is raising ever since we introduced the bzr branches. I am referring to short term raise here. Since the multi-branch information is making up a very small amount of the video you might want to watch the ending more than once. Starting 0:30. More people contribute changes to the branches (represented by the entering nicks) they kind of form a steady flow. I suppose that is a good thing 🙂

Quassel vs. Konversation

Unfortunately the history of Konversation’s current trunk does not include the time it stuck to KDE 3 with KDE 4 working branch available, though this might be a good thing after all. It becomes very apparent that when Konversation faded a bit due to the KDE 4 migration, Quassel had quite the boost in both commits and contributors (though I doubt it would ever be able to compete with the density of a project hosted in KDE SVN – see Amarok below). It shall be very interesting how this comparison looks in one year, when Konversation has some history in it’s KDE 4 live cycle. I imagine an epic swarm battle 😀

Amarok vs. Banshee
Talking about epic swarm battles. I would say the following counts as such. Rendering that took roughly half an hour or so.

That is what I meant when I said that Quassel’s swarm will probably never be as dense as the one of a KDE project. While abock almost always forms some kind of epicenter of the Banshee swarm, the Amarok one is just one big fat ball with stuff streaming in and out. That is, IMHO, what being a KDE project can do to your code. Looks like Star Wars, doesn’t it 😉


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