Kubuntu apps repraise

Some of you might have noticed that recently two new Kubuntu apps hit the CD for the upcoming 9.10 release.

Also some bugfix improvements were done to the available ones.


Apturl is a tiny application that allows installation of packages via apt:// URLs. So for example apt://firefox will install Firefox. This fancyness is available in Ubuntu and Firefox since 7.10 and starting with 9.10 also in Kubuntu (aight, 4 releases lag is not that bad ;)).

The good thing about KDE is that, since AptUrl provides a protocol handler for KDE it is technically available to any KDE application right away.
So if you some friend a message containing apt://tellico Kopete will allow them to open the link and the Apturl app starts doing its magic.

Also, you can just as well enter such an URL in KRunner (the thing that pops up when pressing Alt+F2). I suppose you get the point 🙂

At some recent Kubuntu meeting we came to discuss the situation of web browsers. Basically coming down to whether we do not ship Firefox by default. The answer appears to be that it wouldn’t fit on the CD (or only at the cost of translations).
So dearest seele suggested that we create a simplified installer that allows users to find something ‘firefoxish’ that leads them directly to installation. The apachelogger code-monkey seemed to like that idea and started hacking on kubuntu-firefox-installer.
The application is really fairly simple. It provides a menu entry in the Internet category of the menu and upon launch will offer the user to install Firefox. It currently does not remove itself when Firefox finished installing and doesn’t use the official Firefox icon (due to trademark restrictions) though both should be resolved one way or another by release time of 9.10.
In addition to the Firefox installer I trying to get a least my Oxygen theme for Firefox ported to 3.5 in time, so the user experience can be even better.
I hope to have install-package (the thing that is used when installing codecs for example) replaced by KPackageKit rather sooner than later (dantti to the rescue!). Mostly because the install-package UI looks pretty bad alright (next to be nuked is gdebi-kde).
qt-language-selector (the thing that allows installation and selection of the system-wide language) is in immediate need of UI love as well, so I might digg a bit into that. Also the way it is integrated into KDE’s locale KCM is quite confusing.
software-properties (management of sources.list) is in a pretty good shape, it got some annoying bugs and doesn’t support import of sources.list files yet.
Really, even though those apps are written in python their code is not half bad 😉
All in all I am quite confident that 10.04 (i.e. the release after 9.10), which is likely going to be a long term support release for Kubuntu, will ship with a set of actually working applications. Be it Kubuntu specific ones or those that we (had to) include prematurely.

One thought on “Kubuntu apps repraise

  1. I tend to use qtcurve widget style for KDE4.4 – That integrates all GTK apps and KDE apps to use the same theme and style.

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