Ooops, we did it again

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To spare you the time for reading: it’s basically about how translations are broken in Kubuntu jaunty even though KDE 4.3* is installed which should have fixed the brokeness and that is no good sign for karmic.

While I like it a lot that actually, for once, someone actually complains in a meaningful way so that stuff gets fixed (though, since I am sure it will be commented, I must also agree that it shouldn’t have been broken to begin with), the spread FUD is a bit worrying.

So, in order to get rid of the FUD, let me explain a bit.
a) in Kubuntu (and Ubuntu for that matter) translations of software with ultimate Canonical support (i.e. what the techies would refer to as packages residing in main, which is this by Canonical supported part) is detached from the source
b) right, in KDE it is as well (meaning translations are in kde-l10n-fb and not kdebase itself)
c) a) actually consists of b)+additonal stuff (e.g. Amarok… it is not part of core KDE so its translations are not in kde-l10n-fb). So what actually happens that leads to Kubuntu’s detachment is that at build time the translations get stripped from all packages in main and imported into launchpad, from where they get exported every once in a while and hopefully work as expected
d) 4.3 for jaunty is deployed via a PPA (i.e. c) does not apply, since there is no stripping+import+export-via-launchpad, but a) is still valid
I hope you can follow…
e) since Kubuntu does not (yet) install kde-l10n-fb by default, deploying that package via the PPA doesn’t make too much of a difference since one would need to manually install it
f) so we have: a) providing a Kubuntu language pack for stock jaunty c) is not applying and e) prevents easy solution.

Since I am pretty sure I lost you, dearest reader, I’ll just explain it a bit more. The translations in your jaunty installation don’t come directly from kde-l10n packages but a package specific to Kubuntu, those packages only get updated via launchpad. Since KDE 4.3 for jaunty is not deployed via Ubuntu directly, those Kubuntu specific packages can not be updated with KDE 4.3 translations. So, when you install KDE 4.3 from the PPA you actually get KDE 4.3 but still stick to the KDE 4.2 translations. The only way to work around this, would be by deploying kde-l10n along the KDE 4.3 packages, but currently those kde-l10n packages are not getting pulled in by default, so that would only help those that know about this particular fix. However, that last point ought to change in 9.10 (according to Riddell) but AFAIK that is not yet the case (Arne to the rescue!). So, it should be possibly to deploy KDE 4.4 for karmic with actually working translations.

At this point you hopefully understand why backport deployments (no matter whether they are done via the Ubuntu backports repository or a Kubuntu PPA) will never ever give any indication as to what the status of translations in the current development series is.
While on jaunty with KDE 4.3 you either get KDE 4.2 translations (via regular language packs as exported from launchpad) or KDE 4.3 without launchpad influence (in case you manually install a kde-l10n package), karmic by default comes with KDE 4.3 translations (via regular language packs as exported from launchpad). So no matter what jaunty l10n != karmic l10n.

Somehow I have a feeling that I didn’t quite explain what I wanted to explain… ah well, at least I explained something ๐Ÿ™‚

oh, right, one last note: translations from kde-l10n-* will _always_ override the Kubuntu specific packages (which is also why having kde-l10n installed would help with backport deployments)

One thought on “Ooops, we did it again

  1. By FUD, do you mean statements like ubuntu doesn’t use upstream translations? I guess that is still the case. If not, enlighten me.

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