Improving Kubuntu’s l10n + Icon making

The best mail in all of June 😀
Which made me create:
… a fancy ruby script to parse KDE’s process_orphans.txt file in order to track po movements (which need to be applied manually to the Launchpad templates), the design is as wicked as it can get, but it seems to work (at least for core KDE).
Talking about ruby… the ruby tutorial at the Kubuntu Tutorials Day was kind of weird (I still find the concept of IRC talks rather confusing TBH), it certainly could have been worse though. I think that it is pretty diffcult to squeeze the awesomeness of ruby into a one hour tutorial. Pretty lame excuse, huh? 😛
Later on kwwii did an awesome talk about artworking which made me create:
Though it might be better to use the Kubuntu icon rather than the text, because you really wouldn’t notice that this icon is about Kubuntu at 48×48.
All in all, the tutorials were really awesome and totally worth almost falling asleep at the dentist’s today 🙂

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