Monthly changing wallpapers? … aye!

While KDE 4 is shipping with awesome default wallpapers, I still find myself at times facing the problem that they become boring after some weeks. At the same time being developer and all it is difficult to keep up with latest wallpaper trends, also partly due to the fact that I simply can’t watch kde-look for hot new stuff. So I said to myself (due to continuing lack of people to drop my ideas at :P) maybe having the wallpaper switch monthly via a remote resource would make sense. Well, that is how I came up with Kubuntu Wallpaper of the Month (kubuntu-wotm). Now, while this would be a nice feature for Plasma itself, due to me being a self-centered distro developer (and not being qualified for Plasma hacking anyway) I decided that doing it via a package makes more sense for the time being (+ it has the advantage that our update-notifier queries the repos anyway).

Don’t let me bore you though. Bottom line is: we need a team of people with taste for good wallpapers and the time to select a good one every month, to get monthly new wallpapers for Kubuntu. If you are constantly looking for hot new wallpapers anyway, joining the team and helping people like me, who are totally incapable of finding good wallpapers at all, would probably improve your karma quite a bit 🙂

Please poke me on IRC, leave a comment, or drop a mail to

Since we just talked about this a bit on IRC: I could also imagine that we make a collection of wotm wallpapers available in the official Kubuntu archives (e.g. wallpapers of the last 12 months). That way you can also have a nice collection of wallies for slideshowing, updating everytime you upgrade to a new Kubuntu release 🙂


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