QA, PowerDevil, KDESVN-kde4, Quassel, Java

Kubuntu got its very own bug team! 😀
The bug tracker changes list also got updated to aggregate all KDE 4 packages (well, at least I hope we catched all). But! Be aware that Jonathan is pretty much flooding the list (I didn’t read mails for 2 days and got 360 unread bug mails…).

I am currently thinking about getting powerdevil (that power manager thingy) in the Intrepid pockets. Problem is: currently it only ships with one profile, which actually screws more stuff up than it could possibly improve :S
You can find Intrepid and Hardy packages in the experimental archive (I’d like to remind, that this repository is dangerous, so you should either remove it from your sources.list once you got the desired package(s), or download/install the packages manually). If anyone tries it – I would like some feedback 🙂

kdesvn-kde4 is also available in this repository. It’s a SVN snapshot from yesterday, seems to be working quite well though. If you choose to test it, please also install the -dbg package and give feedback at it’s kde-apps page.

Intrepid’s quassel(-core) package got a make over and is now creating a fancy log file + it doesn’t die on upgrades + configurable loglevel/port in /etc/default/quasselcore.

kubuntu-restricted-extras doesn’t depend on sun-java6-plugin anymore (we switched to -jre)… a workaround in kubuntu-default-settings is making it actually work without doing anything.

Snapshot of the day:


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