Comparing KDE 3 with $SOMETHING

I just (again) noticed how different KDE 3 and KDE 4 really are.

In the latest issue of Full Circle (Ubuntu/GNOME focused online magazine, still very recommendable!) theming of KDE 3 and GNOME were compared at page 26.
Now this doesn’t make any sense because theming is a useless thing in KDE 4, Oxygen is just too awesome to theme it away 😉

But seriously. All 4 mentioned points aren’t like that in Kubuntu’s KDE 4 anymore… I hope I am allowed to quote Lance. If not: he may poke me in the eye, thus slow down release preparation of KDE 4.1.1 😉

1. In order to theme the login manager you have to install KControl. Why is this not already available in the Look and Feel?

There is still a little quirk (or actually a rather big one) since you can’t get root access easily. I hope to get that resolved before Intrepid.

2. The GRUB boot loader can be themed, but again, it’s not an option by default in KControl. Why does it require an application to be installed?

In Intrepid we will most probably ship Kgrubeditor by default allowing you to restore a broken GRUB from the Live CD and of course theming when installed.

3. After downloading a theme, there is nowhere to apply it unless you know that it can be dragged and dropped on top of the settings window, or that you can go to the command line and use KControl.

I guess you are talking about theme packages. Support for these vanished from KDE 4.1 and IIRC they never worked properly anyway, eventually they broke more settings than they actually themed.

4. I also had to install Ksplash to change and theme the splash screen just after login, but before you hit the desktop.

I guess that is an improvement over KDE 3? 🙂

…now back to the batcave (don’t ask, it’s top secret)


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