The Awful KHelpCenter

Today I did a little bug hunt (that’s where you actually search for the bugs and then kill them int he most hackish manner 😉

And KHelpCenter made me cry, seriously…

It’s still using the crystal icon all over the place:

It’s main content is for some reason missing icons:

Remember this pic:

Notice anything?

Note the upper right in the following

Glossary has an as awesome icon issue open content uses help-contents, closed ones should use contents2 (crystalsvg name of course, and an oxygen replacement never got requested apparently :S)

Content of the Glossary then did it and made me cry

At least I got search index….

…strange that it doesn’t work even though the index builder said so

First off: I didn’t report these issues yet, because only offers versions up to 3.5 and unspecified, now I can’t really use unspecified, right?

Things I was wondering: Why does khelpcenter still use htdig? Wouldn’t Strigi/Nepomuk would be better for that kind of job? Does the index builder need to make me think it succeeded? Does everything have to look so broken? Is khelpcenter actually maintained?

Meanwhile I understood that none of the answers is important anyway …. we, KDE, as a community should just go fix these issues.

I already did a start


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