What is better than Akademy?

inGardenWithCoffeeHaXX0ring(tm) 😛

Nowadays everyone is obsessed with debugging, including me, this obsession leads to the urge of having debug packages for each any everything. So, while half the KDE crew was listening to talks due to leak of power supply I was working on debug packages for Project Neon (i.e. kde-nightly and amarok-nightly) and I think the Neon PPA doubled its size.

Now you can install amarok-nightly-dbg which is pulling in a complete debug stack for amarok-nightly. In addition to that you also get a new script called amarok-nightly-debug which wraps around amarok-nightly-vars and gdb. Basically the same applies for kde-nightly, but kde-nightly-dbg will only pull in the necessary dbg packages rather than the complete stack (just like kde-nightly). There is no wrapper script yet, but kcrash takes care of almost everything anyway 🙂

If you have time, please take the dbg packages for a testcrash and complain if it fails to crash … err… to trace the crash 😛

And tomorrow I’ll tell you about a script I created months ago and used it yesterday for the first time.


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