Le KDE sprechen ズールー語

Kubuntu users now also can get a localized KDE 😉

Just install you language’s package, e.g. kde-l10n-de for german, then do the following:
Kickoff -> System Settings -> Regional & Language
there you can select Country/Region which should auto-adjust a couple of stuff to your local preferences (for example the date formatting) in addition to that it should also select the installed language. If this fails for whatever reason, use the “Add Language” drop-down menu instead.

Beside l10n, we also uploaded a couple of extragear packages like KTorrent, Skanlite and KFax.

Pimp my Konqueror
Installing konqueror-plugin-searchbar-kde4 will add the world famous google searchbar to your konqueror again 😉
Also checkout the other konqueror-plugin-* packages, maybe you want to install some of them.


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