KDE 4.1.0 + Kubuntu Ninjas

Finally KDE 4.1.0 got released *hoooray*.

… since I am sure there are going to be plenty blog posts about the beauty of and awesomeness of 4.1 I want to move the spotlight a bit (as if I ever had it put right 😉

The Kubuntu Ninjas
While I was doing the rc1 packages on my own I noticed that this is just too much work for one mind to deal with and it is impossible to prepare the Hardy backports (which are more important on a short-term base) as well, within the given amount of time. As a result of this some guy stated on ubuntuforums.org that apparently Kubuntu’s QA is pretty bad. Reasonable assumption considering we didn’t get KDEPim built in time and thus caused some problems for early upgraders.
As a result of this we know have certified Package Ninjas(tm) for KDE releases. Using super nifty infrastructure we managed to provide a pretty flawless transition to KDE 4.1.0 on Hardy and almost the very same for Intrepid. Note the word ‘pretty’ in that sentence ;-). There were some minor quirks which have to be worked out in future release preparation, but I am confident we are on the right way.

So who are these guys providing Kubuntu users with the awesomest KDE 4 packages ever?

  • JontheEchidna (aka Jonathan Thomas) likes to play XBoing and is best in forgetting to exchange files necessary to build on Hardy 😉
  • vorian (aka Steve Stalcup) is the one leading us to World Domination or at least helps us take over #amarok to throw one awesome party, meanwhile he tries to archive karma by packaging all of extragear and preventing kdebase-runtime from building
  • smarter (aka Guillaume Martres) is the Blue Knight who is pretty much ready to become a MOTU (Master of the Universe = the guys who keep the majority of Ubuntu packages in shape) but does not know how to become one (maybe someone can help? I really don’t know how I became MOTU either… 😉
  • Arby (aka Richard Birnie) seems to be our personal merge (debian+ubuntu packaging = new ubuntu packaging) monkey and does backports in the shortest amount of time I ever measured
  • Riddell (aka jr or Jonathan Riddell), the almighty Kubuntu robot, who’s sponsoring the Intrepid uploads … he also can transform into an oracle if someone might have unanswerable questions
  • and me, myself and I, sitting in my deckchair, sipping Captain Morgan with Coke and partying until 5:30 in the morning 😉

So join some strange IRC channels on Freenode, apparently they hang out in #kubuntu-devel and #kubuntu-kde4, and give them some cookies or similar.

And now… for the spotlight… KDE 4.1.0 is so awesome, I just love folderview, Plasma is the most beautiful piece of software I have ever seen. 🙂


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