KWin and the capseo thingy

Since some people already asked what to do with the mysterious .cps files:

KWin in KDE 4 offers the possibility to record one’s desktop. The resulting files have a .cps suffix (cps = capseo = video codec created by the same developer as the underlying library [called captury] of the recording feature). I actually know no player which supports native playback of capseo, which is why you most likely want to convert it.
Here comes the trick part, the website moved from captury, to captury, to captury (yes this is just for giving google some context 😉

On the most current location of the website you can find:

cpsrecode -i screen-capture.cps -o - \
| mencoder - -o screen-capture.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=xvid:autoaspect=1

This binary is on Kubuntu part of the capseo package, and probably something similar on other distributions.

Have fun.


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