Fire has three needs: ignition, fuel, and OXYGEN

Light years ago work on an Oxygen theme for Firefox started. Meanwhile the maintainer changed, a new major version of Firefox got released and people noticed how ugly Firefox can be without gtk-qt-engine 😉

To fight this ugliness, I stopped sleeping for 2 days and uploaded the Oxygen theme for Firefox, version 1.0, a couple of weeks ago.

Even though it didn’t quite make it through the public nomination process yet, I am quite certain that it works like a charm so grab the first release and don’t forget to give a review to get it out of that awful sandbox/experimental area.

Grab it —> HERE <— F.A.Q.:

  • Why do I have to login to download?
    • Version 1.0 isn’t yet approved for public use and experimental downloads are only available after login.
      Logging in also gives you the possibility to leave a review (which is highly appreciated as every review probably reduces the time until this version can leave the experimental status).
  • Why is it only available for Linux?
    • The Windows and Mac versions of Firefox expect the drop down arrow for recent pages to be themed and have an icon assigned manually, since I don’t have a Windows or Mac around I can’t get it to work and I have no idea how/whether this change effects the Linux version. Windows and Mac support is target for 1.1 though.
  • Why does this only change the icons?
    • Desktop integration, which is what the Oxygen crew is trying to provide here, means for one that an application uses the current icon set. This is however prevented by the fact that Firefox doesn’t rely to 100% on the GTK-defined icon set (thus even with gtk-qt you wouldn’t get a complete Oxygen experience). But desktop integration also includes widget style and colors, even though we could make the theme look somewhat like the real Oxygen, it would remove the style and color integration. This is really where software like the gtk-qt-engine should fill in.

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