Xmas (Package) Wish List

You are missing a really cool application in Kubuntu?

Well, Santa Apachelogger is coming to town and is willing to package something for you, of course only if you’ve been good 😉

The requirements

  • Has to be Free/Libre Open Source Software
  • Not yet available in Ubuntu nor Debian
  • KDE/Qt software (not necessarily though)
  • Needs to be actively maintained

The wishlist
Send your wishes including a short description and the homepage URL to apachelogger /at/ ubuntu.com.

The buzz

You might also try to create some buzz about the application, so it becomes more visible to me. This can be done by asking your friends to mail me as well, blogging about it, gettin it into press (one way or another) or by constantly bugging me on IRC 😉

The End

With some luck and a considerable good buzz you might find your application soon in Ubuntu’s package archive.
Therefore: good luck 🙂


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