Power saving++

Intel launched lesswatts.org, a collection of tips and tools for extreme powersaving. And I, as someone who loves _very_ long standby times, of course started right away enhancing my gomobile script (I run this script on demand, since it doesn’t make much sense to activate all power saving settings just for going downstairs where AC plug is waiting anyway).

I have to admit that I was using powertop since I’m running Kubuntu Gutsy, so I can’t exactly recall my battery standby time with stock Kubuntu, but I think it was slightly more than 4 hours. With powertop I managed to increase it by 2 hours (i.e. slightly more than 6 hours), but what I achived with the tips on lesswatts is just _awesome_ -> 7 hours 44 minutes… with quite decent (meaning for me bearable) settings.

Thats why I want to say “Thank you for the hardware, the drivers and the tuning tool/tips.” to Intel.

…next to do: check out all the fine tools, yummy 😀


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