FrOSCon megalomania (part1)

As after every FLOSS event I attend, I ran into a gigantic megalomania. This time: Kubuntu Packaging Task Force.

I want to package … completely, at least for the parts which compile with a current distribution at all. In fact, I also want backports for new versions in less than 3 days after release, to latest stable Kubuntu.
To reach such an enormous aim it takes a lot of people, like _a gigantic a load_ of them.

Which leads to the next idea: Free Development Promo Tour. Which of course is mainly about recruiting more developers, packagers, bug triagers, translators, promoters, bug testers…

You might think all this sounds totally insane and megalomaniacal. I probably would agree, though I just came back from a FLOSS event so let me live in my free world bubble 😉
But, just in case anything like that should be announced one day… don’t blame me for not giving you latest information about the world domination plan ™.

…travel report is to be written (waiting for pics)…


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