Web, Promo – I need you :)

Since I’m suffering from never ending productivity I didn’t do a lot today 😉

Meaning… beside bumping the versions in extragear.kde.org, updating the amarok page there, updating the icons there, and changing the developer.kde.org URLs in kde.org main pages 😉

Well, actually that’s not real work, more like something you do because it has to be done, kde-www is needing manpower!!!! so get over and join the URL and version changing forces 😀
It’s no difficult work, but sometimes a lot of it, like now where most developer.kde.org URLs have to be changed to techbase.kde.org, but that’s not really high priority. Version bumps for extragear apps are hi-prio IMHO, but mostly the authors don’t change it or at least forget to notify the kde-www team about the changes. Also from time to time content needs to be updated, or crap needs to be sorted out, especially in the kde.org subdomains. So if you have an hour or two from time to time, have a look at kde.org and check what could be updated/changed/fixed, then mail kde-www and either send a patch or ask for commit karma to www.

Anyway, also amarok got some love today. Since we (or is it I?!) are working on a marketing campaign for 2.0 it’s necessary to do some analysis and today I noticed that it’s kind of awkward to guess user’s needs, because the possability that the user really has this ‘need’ is quite high, though it isn’t very likely that it is a high priority to the user.
The fact that the market now splits up to 3 platforms with 3 totally different types of users doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why I’m planing to do a ‘user’s needs’ research by having personal interviews with friends etc.
So I will need YOUR help to do that. If you’re interessted just mail amarok-promo@kde.org or me sitter.harald@gmail.com. It’s not taking a lot of time, basically I think it’s like 5 minutes for the interview and 5 for digitalization of the data.

We will start with operation brainsucker on Monday (I hope).

I’d really appreciate your help 🙂


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