Package Tuesday

Somehow Tuesday became package day (probably because I’m doing packaging on almost every Tuesday?! :P).

Anyway, today was quite awesome since I noticed that 29th is a holiday (thx to a1ex for actually telling me 😉 and therefore I should be able to get a earlier train to vienna which means I don’t have to take a taxi to the airport (which would have been insane expansive anyway).

With this informatin in mind I started packaging.

  • kblogger got an update to 0.6.2 and is waiting in revu for revu (?!)
  • kftpgrabber 0.8.1 is waiting for approval for the repo
  • yesterday evening khalkhi already got an update fixing the lib’s packaging (waiting in revu for revu)
  • kirocker got a patch to ensure proper library paths, though I still wasn’t able to contact the upstream author, which means, since the package is awfully broken (but fixable), that I can’t get it into the official repos until there is a fixed upstream tarball
  • I also started work on kopete-otr (off the record encryption that is)
  • tweaK (aka kde-tweak got updated to 0.2.1 (which fixed a small issue in case 0.1 was installed before), it’s also WIRFR

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