Linuxtag progress

I made like 100% progress for linuxtag today 😉 …


  • train will (hopefully) arrive in vienna at 19:34
  • then I’ll probably take a taxi to VIE (bus would needs about 35 minutes – normal traffic that is)
  • plane takes off at 21:20 and lands at 22:30 in berlin tegel where marcus (Czessi) is going to grab me up


  • most probably(hopefully?) I’ll sleep with stephan (\sh) and carlos (emonkey) from kubuntu(-de) in a vacation apartment near the fairground
  • I’m going to have a workshop about Amarok and DCOP, beside that I’ll be present at the booth of Amarok, Kubuntu and KDE (most time @ Amarok, but also quite some @ Kubuntu and maybe also as much @ KDE?! don’t really know yet 😛


  • plane takes off at 06:15 (hell early)
  • bus takes me to the railway station
  • around 13:00 I’ll be back @ home and have to learn for the german and accounting tests on monday (which is why I leave that early)

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