Ahoy!! 😀
/me is back from holiday.

Actually I’m already idling in #amarok since February to get back in touch with everything. Now I’m also back with KDE stuff and Kubuntu packaging. So basically holiday is over 😦

Anyway, I’ll attend LinuxTag in Berlin. Majorly as part of the Amarok crew (as my beloved project actually pays the flight) but you’ll most probably find me as well on the KDE and Kubuntu-de booth. I might also do a workshop about Amarok DCOP magic…
Though total financing isn’t settled yet (accomodation and diet missing totally) I’m really looking forward to do some KPromotion in Germany’s capital city.

Writing about KPromotion…. In March I did a Linux workshop at my school (featuring Kubuntu), was a quite good success, and as part of my Final Exam’s Project I aim to migrate a local NGO from Windows to Linux, I hope they actually want to 😀 (more on that after Tuesday).


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