Some people might know that since about a month I’m suffering from no, or actually very low, motivation to do anything. As result of this I decided to take a timeout from Amarok, KDE and FOSS development/management, for a not yet known period of time.

This will most likely start after release of Amarok 1.4.4

I will unsubscribe from every mailing list, not aggregate planets or blogs or IT related news, not join any IRC channel, not log into my jabber account @ kdetalk, not answer any mail about Amarok, KDE or FOSS (as long as it’s not really important to do so) and probably some more I didn’t think of as I also stopped drinking coffee (doctor’s advice).

Now, why do I do this?
Mainly because I have far too much responsibilities right now (not only in FOSS), and this is putting a lot of pressure on me, but also because I want to get an all new view at the whole open source movement, and last but not least, because I want to spend more time on learning French 😉

So, watch out for Amarok 1.4.4


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