aKademy – Hoooray!


aKademy is starting in some days, and I’m kinda busy with doing last organization for the trip (even forgot to learn for the french test tomorrow 😐 – it’s not that easy to go to Vienna (Duesseldorf was easier at least 😉

I will arrive on Firday 13:55 @ Dublin Airport (check the wiki) and will leave on 7:30 the following Monday – and currently have no clue how to go to hostel or college or anywhere 😛
Anyway, to make it easy for everyone to recognize and lead me to the right direction, here’s a short description: tux cap on my head, big Kay on my black t-shirt, black trouser, black shoes, laptop bag on the righten side, (sliver colored) backpack on the back, a Kay pin on my jacket and no clue of anything but location of next coffee shop…

If you still have no idea how I look like: O<-) gotta pray a bit now (getting the plane is already quite difficult). Anyway, finally I just want to thank my school for making it possible to travel on Firday and Monday, so that I can at least enjoy the weekend of this year’s KDE Conference.

(BTW: there will be no Amarok release, live from aKademy – 1.4.3 was just too ASAP and .4 is not finished – maybe a special aKademy snapshot, though I wonder about the sense…)


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