In 80 Days Around the Kay

It somehow looks like next 2 months are going to be great fun…

In early september I’ll join the KDE booth at the Linuxtage in Essen (Germany). Actually I still have to find cheapest way to get there, as the way from $HOME to /essen isn’t quite short, but no way would be too long for my Special Kay ;-).

In mid-end setember I’ll be at aKademy 06, for the weekend. Also not shortest distance that is, will be about 170 from Vienna to Dublin and back. But aKademy is really a must this year, as I couldn’t participate last year as I had to work – so it could be even 500 bucks to go there!

Last but not least it’s also highly possible that we (roKymotion team, the currently 2 members :|) do a talk at Practical Linux in Gießen (Germany). Although I will first have to check how to finance that funky trip.

So, maybe see ya at one of those events 🙂


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