KDE Everywhere – Malta

So finally I came round to blog about my Malta travel, more specific, the krusade.

After having some troubles preparing the monsterious big Kay for the journey, I was quite surprised how well it worked. Although – I of course forgot the adhesion to make the 5 pieces one big Kay, I first had to find something sticky, which wasn’t as easy as I thought, anyway I got the adhesion and was able to start clogging.

So as I get very hyperactive when I have to do such a precise and important work (I had exactly one try), it took me about 3 hours to get the Kay finished (most time was probably used for shouting, crying and freaking).
Hopefully understandable that I didn’t want to leave it, but it was evening and the class crew was preparing for going out – what does a nerd do? – right! – he takes the Kay with him (awful idea though). Of course the Kay was suffering from all the Heineken and smoke, so that it wasn’t very good looking when we came home, that’s when I got the intuition that I might should have protected it with a transparent plastic shild thing.

But it survived the night and was able to go with use to Valetta (capital city of Malta). Wasn’t easy to find a good backround for the Kay as whole Malta doesn’t look so good in summer (as it is so hot- everything is quite dusty). So I took some pictures which look quite good imo (athough the Kay doesn’t do so on high res 😉


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